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Uninsured Loss Recovery

Not every loss sustained in an accident is insured. We have considerable experience acting for our clients to recover their losses following a non-fault accident

Losses include:

  • Vehicle Repair Costs
  • Vehicle Pre-Accident Value if a vehicle is a total loss
  • Repair Excess
  • Car Hire Charges
  • Loss of Vehicle Use
  • Roadside Recovery and Storage Cost

These losses are typically known in the insurance industry as “uninsured losses” and they can be recovered from the insurance company of a culpable driver.

Our streamlined, step-by-step process for making a claim:


Claim application

File your claim application and calculate your losses


Losses presented to insurer

We will file the claim with the third party insurance company on your behalf


Third party insurance company settles the claim

We retrieve all your losses from the insurer


We send you payment within 21 days

Payment is checked and issued to you

Fleets and Corporate Clients

We specialise in recovering uninsured losses for fleets and corporate clients.

At Clifford James, we enable you to consolidate all your uninsured loss claims under one roof. As we are a solicitor’s firm, there is no need to outsource legal claims and we handle cases from claim to conclusion to prevent delays in the recovery process.

Our streamlined systems and proactive approach ensure high recovery rates and we have expertise in the following areas so that all aspects of a fleet recovery are handled:

  • Liability Dispute Resolution – We have a specialist liability team to overcome liability disputes.
  • Uninsured and Untraced Accident Claims –  Accidents involving uninsured drivers or where a driver cannot be traced happen too often. Assisting our fleet and corporate clients, we have expertise in Motor Insurer Bureau Uninsured and Untraced claims.
  • Foreign Jurisdiction Expertise – It isn’t unusual for vehicles to be used abroad. We specialise in handling cases involving road traffic accidents abroad and enforcement of judgements in foreign jurisdictions.

Private Clients

As a private Client you will benefit from the same expertise that we offer our fleet and corporate clients in the event that you have sustained any of the losses listed above following a road traffic accident. Please contact our experienced team who will advise how we can help you.

We provide a free service to establish if your motor car has lost value and we provide initial advice on the prospects of you making a diminution claim. Click the button below to start your diminution claim and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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