Defend Diminution

As experts in our field, we know that not every vehicle involved in a road traffic accident leads to a valid claim for diminution. Each case is down to its own merits.

Unfortunately not all Claimants accept this. With years of experience in claiming and defending diminution, we know exactly where the pitfalls of a diminution claim are. Based on our expertise and experience we have developed our Diminution Defence Service.

Defend Diminution Claims

We provide a bespoke Diminution Defence Service* that allows insurance and self-insured clients to:

Assess if a diminution claim is valid and proven.
Formulate a case plan to defend a diminution claim where no valid claim is presented.
Negotiate a reasonable settlement in circumstances where a valid diminution claim is made.
Advise on the Civil Procedure Rules and their direct application to a diminution case.
Handle all aspects of a diminution claim both pre and post issue.

Specialist Arguments

Blanket defending a diminution claim, usually on bad law, is the worst approach an insurance company can take when considering a claim for diminution. Working with Clifford James Consultants will allow you to formulate the best method of handling diminution cases.

* Subject to Agreement and our Terms and Conditions.


Not only can we assist an insurance company in defending a diminution claim, we can also provide a consultancy service that can be used to develop processes to ensure that invalid diminution cases are rejected, but valid claims are resolved efficiently and on reasonable terms.

Cutting Edge

Being at the cutting edge of this fast developing and niche area of law, we are up to date with the law of diminution and the tactics deployed.

If you are interested in using our Diminution Defence Service, please contact us.


In depth specialist knowledge and firm command of current diminution law combined with passion and a drive to achieve results makes Clifford James the number one firm for defending diminution cases with no merits.

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