Diminution Claim FAQs

Please find below frequently asked questions about Diminution Claims. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

1. Can Diminution occur to any type of vehicle?
Yes it can. There is no restriction in law on what type of vehicle can suffer diminution and we have proven this at Court.We are specialists in recovering diminution on all types of vehicles including classic, prestige, mainstream, vans, commercials, fleet and lease vehicles.

2. Is this loss in value down to the repair of the vehicle being of a poor standard?
No. This loss arises even though the motor vehicle has been repaired to an excellent standard. It is down to the fact that the motor vehicle has been in an accident that the vehicle may have lost value.

3. I am told that diminution can only apply to rare or prestige vehicles. Is this true?
No. There is no restriction in law on what type of vehicle can suffer diminution and we have proven this at Court. Each claim is down to its own individual merits.

4. I have seen engineers advertising a diminution service. Why should I use Clifford James Consultants?
Whilst an engineer may be able to advise you on how much they believe your diminution claim is worth and provide a report to show this, they are simply engineers. Diminution is a very complex head of claim and obtaining an expert report is not the only key to success. For example, an engineer who provides you with a diminution report may not be able to advise you on the all the legal aspects of your case leaving you to submit your claim without any assistance.We are legal experts who have access to a panel of independent engineers who produce their report for Clifford James Consultants to use to recover your damages. Our hassle free service enables you to successfully claim back the loss in value of your vehicle without the stress of managing your claim yourself.

5. Will making a claim for the loss in value of my vehicle affect our clients insurance?
No. Diminution is an uninsured loss and a claim for compensation will be made against the insurer of the vehicle at fault.

6. Is there a charge for the Diminution Claims Service?
Yes. We supply our Diminution Claims Service by charging you an agreed percentage of your damages payable. Our fee only becomes payable on successful outcome of your case*.

7.  Can I claim for the loss in value of my motor vehicle through my insurance company?
No. Insurance companies usually exclude this type of claim from your policy, even if you are fully comprehensively insured.

8.  I have not heard of this before and I am not sure about making a claim?
You are perfectly entitled to make a claim for the loss in value of your motor vehicle and this is your right under English law. How would you feel when you sell your car and are told that it is not worth as much due to the accident?

*Subject to our terms and conditions.