BT Law partner with Vehicle Diminution Experts

BT Law Limited has added vehicle diminution to the heads of damage they can recover quickly and efficiently through a partnership with Clifford James Consultants Limited, the leading experts in this area of law.

Clifford James’ specialist area of law is the diminution in value of motor cars, which is the loss in value of a motor vehicle following a road traffic accident. With an excess of 9 years in this highly contentious area of law Clifford James already represent a range of blue-chip companies, private clients and insurance companies.

Emma Bell, a Director at Clifford James commenting on the partnership said “I am thrilled that BT Law, a growing player in the accident management market, is now partnering with Clifford James to utilise both our claimant and defendant expertise in the area of diminution. Our team have worked hard over the last 9 years to develop and maintain our position as the leading experts in this area of law. The range of clients and partners who continue to utilise our service is testament to that.”