Clients Rate Diminution Claims Service for Excellence

Diminution Claims Service – Client Satisfaction

At Clifford James Consultants we are always pleased to receive feedback from our clients about our Diminution Claims Service.

A recent survey of our clients rated our Diminution Claims Service very high with 9.1 out of 10* for satisfaction. Here are just some of the comments our clients made:

– Mr W, 14th May 2013: “Very fast and efficient. Everything comprehensively explained.”

– Mrs J, 17th June 2013: “I was surprised to hear about this facility. The speed and efficiency was first class; makes a change from the lethargic world we live in.”

– Mr H, 5th June 2013: “Very professional.”

– Mr B, 20th June 2013: “The approach to me from your customer service was spot on. The explanations of what was happening were very clear indeed and I felt that everything was dealt with brilliantly. I didn’t even worry about anything, because it was in good hands.”

– Mr W, 25th June 2013: “Your service is good and I am happy with what you got for me. I would recommend you and give you a full 10/10.”

Valuable Feedback

Director Emma Bell commented “I am thrilled by the positive feedback from a recent survey of our client base and that our clients recognise the hard work my team put into all our cases. At Clifford James Consultants we endeavour to ensure that all our clients loss in car value claims are dealt with as little hassle as possible and this survey is testament to that.”

If you want to make a claim for the loss in value of your vehicle using our Diminution Claims Service and would like to discuss the next step, please call our friendly team on 0844 88 050 88 for our initial advice.


*Based upon Customers satisfaction questionnaires dated between 14th May and 1st July 2013.